Empower Your Podcast Journey: Strategize Your Launch with Expert Guidance

Laura McRae Podcast Manager

Unlock the secrets to podcast success with your personal podcast expert, Laura

You have a vision for your podcast, but the path to launching it can be riddled with uncertainty and obstacles. That’s where I come in – your personal guide to navigating the complexities of podcasting with ease and confidence.

Why You Need an Expert in Your Corner

  • Venturing into podcasting alone can lead to costly mistakes. Generic YouTube tutorials and guesswork can result in subpar audio quality, ineffective content strategies, and lost time.
  • Personalised Strategy: My expertise in podcasting provides you with a tailored approach, ensuring you avoid the common pitfalls of self-starters.
  • Focused Guidance: You’ll get actionable steps specifically for your podcast’s success.

What’s Included in Your 60-Minute Virtual Consultation

  • Comprehensive launch steps: Understand the A to Z of launching your podcast with a clear, step-by-step guide.
  • Equipment advice: Get recommendations on the best equipment to suit your needs and budget.
  • Recording space optimisation: Learn how to set up your recording space for optimal sound quality.
  • Promotion strategies: Discover effective techniques to increase your podcast’s reach and listenership.

How to start a podcast with no audience

Get Ahead with Expert Planning

  • First 3 episodes strategy: I will help you plan and strategize your first three podcast episodes, intro, outro, and trailer – setting a strong foundation for ongoing success.
  • Editing essentials: Learn the basics of podcast editing to maintain high-quality production values

Transform Your Podcast Dream into Reality

You’re not just launching a podcast; you’re shaping a voice that resonates with your audience. My 60-minute strategy session is an investment in your podcast’s future, offering:

  • Guidance on launch steps
  • Coaching on recording and equipment
  • Advice on first 3 episodes
  • Promotion strategies

Who should book a session?

  • Influential speakers and thought leaders ready to share their knowledge.
  • Individuals seeking a seamless launch.
  • Anyone needing guidance on podcasting essentials.

Start your podcast journey with an expert by your side. I’ll be your partner in bringing your podcasting vision to life. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to a future of impactful podcasting.

Your voice deserves the spotlight. Let me illuminate the path to your podcast’s success.

$450 AUD

Paid in full when booking online. Zoom link will be emailed once booked in.

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