Total Podcasting Support

Our Total Podcasting Support Package covers the full spectrum of podcast management, including meticulous editing and seamless integration of audio elements like intros, outros, music, and promotional ads. We handle the technical aspects, such as episode uploading, scheduling, and platform management. Furthermore, you’ll have access to monthly show statistics and analytics reports, empowering you to monitor your podcast’s growth and audience engagement.

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Total Podcasting Support

What’s included

  • Editing 4 episodes per month (raw audio under 45 mins per episode per week)
  • Mixing audio elements (intro, outro, music, promotional ads etc.)
  • Uploading, scheduling and publishing episodes to your podcast hosting platform
  • Monthly show stats and analytics report
  • Monthly strategy call to plan out your episodes
  • Podcast management workflow set up
  • Communication via Trello and Voxer
  • 1 social media caption for each episode
  • 1 short form video or audiogram / reel for each episode
  • Show notes for each episode (includes summary, takeaways and resource links)

Investment $2,000 AUD P/M

*3-month minimum contract

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