Ingrid Reiger – Case Study

Breaking Barriers and Shaping Success

Ingrid Reiger’s podcast, “#Hashtag Death,” is a courageous exploration of a topic often avoided in conversations about life – death. Her mission is to break down barriers and challenge the stigmas surrounding this universal experience.

Ingrid embarked on her podcasting journey with a tight deadline of two weeks, determined to launch her podcast on “Dying to Know Day.” Ingrid turned to me, a seasoned podcast manager, for support and guidance.

With my guidance, we met the deadline. Beyond the technical support, I kept Ingrid accountable, motivated, and informed, ensuring that every aspect of the podcast was polished and professional.

The challenge

Before Ingrid enlisted my assistance, she faced several challenges that are common for aspiring podcasters:

Solving the challenge

Ingrid’s vision for her podcast was clear, and I took the reins to turn that vision into reality. I not only streamlined the technical aspects but also took control of the design and feel of the podcast, delivering results that exceeded Ingrid’s expectations.

Ingrid Reiger leaning up against a wall wearing a green hat

#Hashtag Death podcast cover artwork

Impact on Ingrid’s business

#Hashtag Death has brought significant benefits beyond its initial purpose. Ingrid’s collaboration with me has provided valuable insights into creating a polished end product.

Shaping Success together

You can listen to #Hashtag Death here

If you’ve been considering launching your own podcast but feel overwhelmed by the technical aspects, take a page from Ingrid’s story. Reach out to me, and together, we can shape your podcasting success story.

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