The Key to Podcast Success: Nailing Your Niche

The Key to Podcast Success Nailing Your Niche

When you create something for everyone you create something for no one

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before, but it’s so important that you nail your niche before you even think about recording your podcast.

There’s a reason why some podcasts don’t last

Have you ever started listening to a podcast and thought “where is this going?” Chances are the podcast host didn’t work out who their ideal listener was before they started their podcast.

Your Ideal Listener

Before you even think about recording an episode, you need to know exactly who your ideal listener is:

  • What do they like/dislike?
  • Where do they live?
  • What’s their hobbies?
  • Where do they listen to podcasts?
  • What’s their job?
  • How old are they?

I could go on…

Be as specific as you can. It’s important that you really understand who your ideal listener is and why they would listen to your podcast. What will they get out of it?

Who is your Ideal Listener?

Here’s something you could think about doing that will keep you on track, making sure you ALWAYS create relevant podcast content.

  1. Work out exactly who your ideal listener is
  2. Picture them in your head
  3. Find a photo on Google or Canva that looks like them
  4. Give them a name
  5. Print the picture out and stick it on the wall by your desk

Every time you think about content for your podcast, look at this picture and ask yourself, would they like this? Will this help them?  

If not, scrap your idea and start again.  

Nail your niche before you start your podcast! Then you’ll know exactly which direction to take your show in.  

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