What should my podcast be about?

What should my podcast be about

What should my podcast be about?

Before you start your podcast, you should decide what will be the overall theme for your show.  

If you have a business, and you’re using your podcast to promote your business, then it makes sense to create a podcast based on what you do in your business.

If you’re a Coach or Consultant, whatever it is you do to help your clients, this should be what your podcast is about. This way your listeners can get a taste of what you do and will want to know more.

Repurpose your existing content

Provide content on what you’re already sharing on social media or in your blog and just start talking about it for your podcast.

If you’ve done Facebook or Instagram Lives before and you’re not worried about the quality of the audio, you could strip the audio out of these lives and use them for your podcast.

There are ways around creating better quality audio when recording an Instagram live, but I’ll cover that in another blog.

Use your podcast as part of your coaching group program

If you want to incorporate your podcast as part of your coaching group program you could, for example, release a podcast episode about a particular topic on a Monday. Then on the following Friday, have a group coaching call where your clients can ask follow up questions about that episode. This builds a bond and connection with your clients.

Choosing topics for my podcast

If you’re a Business Coach, you could talk about low-level business strategies in your podcast. If you’re a Life Coach, talk about life hacks.

Invite experts onto your podcast

Bring guests onto your show who can talk about related topics to your niche. There may be areas of your work that you’re not an expert in. This is where you bring in a guest that IS an expert.  

By bringing on guests that are experts, you’ll also be seen as an expert because you’re the individual that has access to these experts.

Tools to keep you on track

A tool I recommend, and what I use with my clients, is Trello. Trello is a free project management tool. Yes, there are options that you can pay for, but the free version should have everything you need to keep you on track.

Trello can be shared with other people, so it’s great if you’re planning on outsourcing. That way both you and your VA or Podcast Manager knows exactly what’s happening and where you’re at with each episode.

Within Trello, or your preferred project management tool, you can plan your podcast content and everything else you may have going on in your business.

How I keep you and your podcast organised

When you work with me, I’ll keep your Trello board updated with what you need to do and when and what stage I’m at with editing your podcast episodes, audiograms, show notes etc.  

I’m a stickler for being organised and keeping the cogs turning in your podcast. If you’d like to know more about the services I offer, visit mcraesolutions.com.au