8 Ways to Promote Your Podcast on Social Media

8 Ways to Promote Your Podcast on Social Media

Maximising Your Podcast’s Visibility

So, you’ve birthed this awesome podcast episode, and you’re probably thinking, “How do I get the world to notice it?” Well, fear not, because I’ve got your back! Let’s dive into some cool and easy ways to sprinkle your podcast magic all over social media.

Video Content

If you’re happy to show your face on your socials, here are some video ideas for you:

1. Snippets from interviews

Ever recorded your podcast interviews on Zoom or Riverside.fm? Snip out some cool moments and create engaging social media videos or reels. Check out this example.

2. B roll

Create a video with B roll footage (you walking, maybe?) and some background music. Add text talking about what you discussed in your episode. Example here.

3. Solo session

Recording solo? Film yourself chatting about your episode. People love to see the face behind the voice. Take a peek at this example.

4. Phone chronicles

For solo episodes, grab your phone and film yourself in action. Like this.

Graphics only

If cameras aren’t your thing, no worries! Here are some graphic ideas:

5. Still images

Craft a still image with juicy details about your episode. See here.

6. Carousel posts

Create a carousel post for a visually stunning deep-dive into your podcast content. Example carousel.

7. Quote the magic

Extract compelling quotes from your podcast, turn them into social media posts, and dive into the conversation in your captions. Check this out.

8. Audiograms

Ever seen an audiogram? It’s like an audio postcard with a sound wave graphic and a snippet of your episode. Get inspired here.

Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint

Don’t just promote your episode on release day. Spread the love! Keep promoting your episodes, even the old ones! There’s a treasure trove of content waiting to be rediscovered!

And guess what? You don’t have to be in this social media game alone. When you team up with me for your podcast journey, I’ve got your back from launch to content creation. Need some social media strategy? I’m your person!

Check out my podcast management and launch packages. Let’s get your podcast shining on social media.