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Laura McRae Podcast Manager Perth Australia

Do you have a podcast already but you’re looking to outsource the parts that are taking up too much of your time?

You launched your podcast with the intention of doing everything yourself, the editing, the show notes, the social media. Maybe you could do it all in the beginning but now your business has grown, and you just don’t have the time anymore.

Or maybe there’s parts you enjoy doing, like social media and show notes, but hate the editing.

Whatever your situation I have a package to suit you.

The core to our podcast packages lies in our collaborative monthly strategy calls, where we align your podcast with your goals and aspirations. We plan your episodes, keeping your vision at the forefront, and establish an efficient podcast management workflow, facilitating clear communication through platforms like Trello and Voxer.

In addition to technical and strategic support, we provide social media assistance. Each episode can benefit from professionally crafted social media captions and dynamic short-form videos or audiograms. We also prepare comprehensive show notes summarising key takeaways and resource links.

How to start a podcast with no audience

Here are some of the Podcast Management services we provide.

Packages start at $700 AUD a month for fortnightly episodes and $1,200 AUD a month for weekly episodes.

Packages can be tailored to suit your needs.

  • Editing episodes (raw audio under 45 mins per episode per week)
  • Mixing audio elements (intro, outro, music, promotional ads etc.)
  • Uploading, scheduling and publishing episodes to your podcast hosting platform
  • Monthly show stats and analytics report
  • Monthly strategy call to plan out your episodes
  • Podcast management workflow set up
  • Communication via Trello and Voxer
  • 1 social media caption for each episode
  • 1 short form video or audiogram / reel for each episode
  • Show notes for each episode (includes summary, takeaways and resource links)

*3-month minimum contract

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