What call to action should I use for my podcast?

What call to action should I use for my podcast

What is a call to action?

A call to action, or CTA, is a marketing term which refers to scripts or phrases used to prompt your audience or listener to do something. To take a specific action.

Calls to action should always be at the end of your podcast episode, in your outro. It should be the last thing you ask your listener to do.

Asking listeners for ratings and reviews

Many podcasters ask their listener to rate and review and/or follow and subscribe to their show at the end of each episode.  

Asking for ratings and reviews is a good call to action to have when you first start your podcast. But once you have a few reviews, you might want to think about something else. Or if, you want to ask for ratings and reviews, tell your listener what they will get out of rating the show.   Unfortunately, some people won’t do something unless they’re getting something out of it themselves.

So, if you’re just asking them to rate and review, what will they get from it? You might be better off saying something like “please rate and review this show, that way we’ll attract more expert guests to the show which will in turn make this show even better!”

Ask your listeners to connect with you

Other calls to action might be to encourage your listener to book a call with you, or join your Facebook group. But again, make sure to tell them what they’ll get out of it. An example might be:  

“Join the Facebook group where you’ll get access to exclusive weekly coaching videos from me.” Or “Book an obligation free 15 minute discovery call with me where we can connect 1:1 and see how I can support you and your business.”

Promote your free resources

If you have a lead magnet, such as a PDF listing the top 10 something or other in your niche. Tell people to download it and tell them the benefits of downloading it. Once they download your free resource, they’ll be on your mailing list, and you can connect further with them via your newsletter.

Will you update your call to action?

So, is it time you updated your outro with a new call to action? If so, I’d love to know what you will try. Connect with me via Instagram and send me a DM: @podcast.support.services