What should be included in your podcast intro and outro

What should be included in your intro and outro

What is a podcast intro?

Think of your podcast intro like an opening sequence to a TV show. An example might be from the show Friends. The main characters are dancing around with umbrellas along with the same music in each episode.  

The same should be with your podcast intro, you have the same information and music at the beginning of each episode.

What to include in your podcast intro

In your intro you should include the following:

  • The name of your show
  • Your name as the host
  • What your show is about

  Then if you have time you can add in:

  • Who your show is for (your ideal listener)

How long should your podcast intro be?

Keep your intro short. 30-60 seconds is ideal. If someone binge listens to your content, remember they’re going to listen to your intro over and over. If they keep hearing the same long intro over and over, they may become frustrated and may even start to skip it each time.

Keep your intro general

Don’t go into detail about the format of the show; whether it’s weekly or fortnightly, episodic or seasonal, solo or interviews, what day it goes out, as you may change your mind once you start your podcast, then you’ll have to change the intro on all of your episodes. Keep your intro evergreen.

What’s the difference between an intro and an episode intro?

An episode intro is separate from your intro. You are likely to use an episode intro when you conduct a podcast interview. You’ll start with your intro, then have a separate episode intro straight after which introduces your guest and what you’re going to discuss in the interview.  

You could record your episode intro at the time as interviewing your guest, or you may choose to record it after you’ve interviewed your guest, and mix it in your episode during the editing stage.  

Again, keep your episode intros brief, the shorter the better.

What’s a podcast outro?

You may chose to have individual episode outros. This is where you reflect on the episode and tell your listeners where they can find your show notes. This goes just before your outro.  

Your outro, like your intro, should be the same for each episode. This is where you thank your listener, have your ending music and a call to action. This bookends each episode with the same music at the beginning and end.

How I help clients with their intros and outros

When I support clients to launch their podcasts, I will help them write their formal intros and outros. I also help them to make a decision on the best music for their show.   If you’d like to know more about the podcast launch service that I offer, just click on the button below.