Bespoke Podcast Growth: Elevate Your Show with Expert Guidance

You’ve put in the effort to launch your podcast, maintaining a consistent schedule of weekly, fortnightly, or monthly episodes. Your downloads are steady for each release. However, you find yourself at a standstill, having hit a plateau. The challenge now is how to expand your audience, enhance engagement, and integrate business strategies.

Why you need a strategy session

  • Customised advice: Benefit from personalised recommendations and strategies tailored to your unique podcasting goals and challenges.
  • Focused guidance: You’ll get actionable steps specifically to support you to grow your podcast.

What’s Included in Your 60-Minute Virtual Consultation

Before our session, you’ll give me the name of your podcast and what you’re struggling with. I’ll then take a look at your show and see where adjustments could be made to help you grow your show before we meet.

We’ll then meet and go through these strategies.

You’ll leave the meeting with actionable steps to help you (and your team) grow your show.

Types of topics we can run through

  • Target audience connection: Define your target audience with clarity so that you can connect with them on a deeper level. That way you can ensure your podcast resonates with your listeners.
  • Podcast aesthetics perfected: Fine-tune the format and length of your podcast to maintain audience engagement, ensuring every episode leaves a lasting impression.
  • Maximising content impact: Learn the art of leveraging and repurposing your podcast content to maximise its reach, making every episode work for you.

Personalised strategies for your podcast

Sometimes you need a fresh set of eyes on your podcast. Get personalised advice on overcoming challenges and plateaus in podcast growth, providing a fresh perspective to move forward.

Who should book a session?

  • Those who have successfully launched their podcast with a consistent release schedule but have hit a plateau in terms of audience growth and engagement.
  • Podcasters who want to integrate effective business strategies into their podcast but are unsure where to start.
  • Individuals who want to define and refine their target audience, ensuring their podcast resonates with the right listeners.
  • Podcasters looking to fine-tune the format and length of their episodes for optimal audience engagement.
  • Those keen on learning how to leverage and repurpose their podcast content to maximise its impact and reach.
  • Individuals who understand the value of personalised recommendations and strategies tailored to their unique podcasting goals and challenges.
  • Podcasters who are committed to taking actionable steps to support the growth of their podcast, guided by focused and practical advice.

Fuel your podcast’s growth with insights crafted for your unique journey.

$450 AUD

Paid in full when booking online. Zoom link will be emailed once booked in.

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