Should you do solo episodes or interviews for your podcast?

Should you do solo episodes or interviews for your podcast

Are you intimidated by recording solo episodes?

I get it. You’re in a room on your own, talking into a mic and not getting any immediate feedback. You’re wondering if what you’re talking about is actually any good.

I’ve had clients tell me that they got all fired up to record their first solo episode, but when it came to actually recording it, they just sat there feeling a bit awkward.

Yes, it does feel strange at the beginning, but after your first few episodes are recorded, you will start to feel more relaxed, and the flow of speaking will come more naturally.  

So, my advice to you if you’re feeling nervous about recording solo episodes is to just start and you’ll eventually feel comfortable.

Are you nervous to conduct an interview?

On the flip side, some people are more nervous to interview guests for their podcast more than they are to record solos.  

There’s the tech side to start with. Just make sure you have everything set up and you know what you’re doing before the interview takes place. And make sure that your guest knows what they need to do to.  

Give your guest a list of the things that they need to do before the interview, such as wear headphones and turn the notifications off their computer. Also, give them at least a rough outline of what you and your guest will be talking about during the interview.  

If you need to, run through everything your guest needs to know before you press record.  

By being prepared, you and your guest will feel much more at ease during the interview.

So, which podcast format works best for you?

If you plan on doing solos, that’s great for building a bond with your audience. They will get to know you really well.  

But it would be great if you could bring in guests occasionally, just so that your audience gets to hear about topics that are related to your niche that you’re not an expert in. Also, by bringing in clients to interview you get to show your listeners what you can do for them if they were to hire you.

Are interviews more your thing?

If you think you’d prefer to do mainly guest interviews this is great. You’ll cover a broad range of topics and still look like an expert as you’re the person that has access to all these knowledgeable people.  

But make sure your interviews are a two-way conversation so that your listeners get to hear you and your perspective and experience. You can also do a recap at the end of each interview. You could either record this recap during the interview or record it after and simply mix it into the episode at the editing stage.  

If you’re planning on conducting mostly interviews for your show, I recommend that you still record some solo episodes. You need to build a strong connection with your listeners, and you can’t do this if they only hear about your guests.

So, what’s best, solo or interview podcasts?

They both have their advantages. Solos are great for building a bond, but interviews are great for covering areas that you’re not an expert it.   Therefore, by having a mix of both, you’re onto a good thing.