From Dream to Airwaves: Annmarie’s Podcasting Triumph with Expert Support

We had history.

Don’t worry – the good kind. Ha-ha.

You see Annmarie was my very first ever client when I set up my VA business. She came to me for support with her growing business.

As a Motivational Medium, Annmarie empowers others to live their best life. Following the launch of her award winning book “The Grateful 3 Approach to Life.” She’s developed a signature coaching program with the same name, working with clients worldwide.

Annmarie is passionate about supporting men and women at all stages of their lives to find greater happiness and abundance while helping them achieve their dreams.

In 2022, she had a deep desire to share her life changing program with the world so – she launched a podcast.

However, she didn’t know the ins and outs of podcasting.  She didn’t know how to plan the content and once it was recorded, she didn’t know how to make sure it was distributed properly.

Annmarie Lord wearing a white suit with a pink shirt underneath smiling at the camera in front of a wooden wall

The Relaunch

Annmarie’s podcast is now out there reaching new audiences. She’s had messages and emails from listeners, old and new who love the podcast. Just incredible.  

Annmarie gets to stay firmly in her genius zone as I bring her podcast to life.

And you can listen to Annemarie’s podcast, Motivational Medium – Your Guide to Spiritual Growth here.

Annmarie Lord podcast, the motivation medium


Annmarie has given herself back something way more valuable than time in her business. She’s created space. Space to think. Space to be present.

Space is the foundation of growth in any business, and I’m delighted I could help Annmarie.

In fact, her podcast journey has also inspired her to set some new business goals so watch this space.

Positive Podcasting

I like to think I transformed Annmarie’s podcasting experience. From her early beginnings and feeling overwhelmed, I’m so happy she decided to relaunch with my support as her Podcast Manager.

By taking care of the technical aspects and sharing my insights, Annmarie can have a bigger impact. She can share her message far and wide, while continuing to show up as her best self for her clients and her business.

You can listen to Annmarie’s podcast, “Motivational Medium – Your Guide to Spiritual Growth” here.

And if you’ve thought about starting your own podcast but popped it in the ‘too hard’ box – let’s talk.

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