Capturing Dreams: Belle Verdiglione’s Journey from Overwhelmed to Podcasting Triumph

From Overwhelmed to On-Air Success

Belle is a rockstar personal brand photographer who’s built a community of likeminded creatives through her mindset and business coaching program. She was making a difference but knew a podcast would be a game changer by allowing her to reach even more photographers and creatives.

Before working with me

Belle was already making a difference but had a lingering wish to launch a podcast for three years. However, like many others, she felt overwhelmed and uncertain about where to start.

My approach

Recognising Belle’s apprehension and the anxiety she faced, I stepped in to provide the guidance she needed. I didn’t just take charge; I became her partner in navigating the complex world of podcasting. Together, we broke down each task, setting clear deadlines. We both understood the power of motivation that comes with having a deadline to work towards.

Belle Verdiglione wearing a read jacket and holding a large, professional cameral

Belle’s transformation

After the successful launch of her podcast, I received a voice message from Belle that made me do a happy dance:

Impact on Belle’s business

Belle’s business underwent a significant transformation. She now feels more aligned with her vision of helping other photographers and creatives.

With her podcast successfully launched, Belle has seen her reach expand globally, receiving heartwarming messages from businesswomen worldwide. Her show has featured remarkable guests, surpassing her initial expectations.

Our monthly strategy sessions played a pivotal role in her journey, where we delved into interview techniques and recording tips. As a result, Belle has evolved into a confident and skilled interviewer, capturing the essence of her guests effortlessly.

Belle Verdiglione podcast cover art

Mission accomplished

When done right, a podcast has the power to grow your business and change the way you impact the world. Belle waited three years to turn her podcast dream into reality, but you can get started on your podcast journey today.

Belle’s success

Belle’s podcast is not just a success story; it’s a testament to the power of perseverance and the support that comes with the right guidance. Her podcast has witnessed a remarkable increase in downloads each month, reflecting the incredible content she shares.

You can listen to Belle’s podcast, “Camera Queens – Find Your Focus” here.

Final thoughts

For anyone considering working with me, I want to say that it’s not just about podcasting; it’s about embarking on a transformative journey. I don’t just guide; I become a partner in your success.

If you’re interested in launching your podcast or need podcast management services, let’s have a chat. Together, we can turn your podcast dream into reality.

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