Harmony Jade’s Journey from Doubt to Podcasting Triumph

Life in Harmony

Harmony is a Work Life mentor and expert who’s walked the walk and now she’s talking the talk in her podcast – The High-Performance Hive.

She’s gone from burnt out career woman to focused and free nomadic entrepreneur.

And she’s hell bent on helping other humans do the same – to live a life they feel lit up by.

Harmony’s mission is to motivate others to reawaken their dreams and cultivate a life and business that feels massively aligned.

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Too hard basket

As part of her brand plan, Harmony toyed with the idea of a podcast – she knew how powerfully it would activate her message. Through her client stories, Harmony felt she could inspire and equip others to upgrade their mindset and change their trajectory.


“Not right now”, she decided.

Harmony placed it firmly in the ‘too hard’ basket.

She dissed it. The show notes, the editing, the sound quality…it all felt too hard.

That is, until she met me.

Harmony Jade podcast cover art

Success schedule

We explored her podcast goals and mapped out the process.

I created a timeline and schedule of tasks for Harmony. By breaking it down into smaller, actionable steps I gave her flawless clarity, so she kicked the overwhelm to the curb.

Planning podcasts to a ‘T’ makes it way less daunting. From crafting content strategies and managing guests to the actual production, editing and distribution, there’s a lot to coordinate.

So, I handled the day-to-day and technical aspects, leaving Harmony firmly in her zone of genius with a ‘do not disturb’ sign.

With the technical side taken care of, the clever, playful and inspiring Harmony was back in the room, ready to hit record.

Hello imposter syndrome

But, right on cue, as we neared the launch date, Harmony hit the, ‘am I good enough?’ roadblock. She began to wonder if what she knew was valuable enough, and would anyone even listen?

It’s natural to feel shaky about your podcast – in fact, most of my clients’ experience nerves.

So, to shut down the distraction of mental chatter, I kept Harmony focused on the next step.

I reminded her to reconnect with her ‘why’ and think about the incredible impact she can have on lives.

Podcasting ever after

Harmony has since launched her podcast to incredible 5-star reviews.

Meanwhile, I’m in the background doing the bts stuff because that’s how Harmony makes sure she’s her best self for you and her powerhouse guests.

You can listen to The High-Performance Hive here.

And if you’ve thought about starting your own podcast but popped it in the ‘too hard’ box – let’s talk.

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