How to get over the fear of starting your podcast

How to get over the fear of starting your podcast


Today, I want to discuss a common hurdle many of us face – the fear of launching your own podcast. We can continue to talk about strategy, but if you’re still too nervous to start your own podcast, we need to look at why and how to deal with that first.

The Dilemma – to Podcast or Not to Podcast

You’ve likely found yourself at this crossroads – the burning desire to share your thoughts, experiences, and ideas through a podcast, yet hindered by the apprehension that often accompanies the unknown. It’s the fear of putting yourself out there, the concern that your content won’t resonate, and the worry that it won’t meet your high expectations. Familiar, right?

Clients and Their Podcast Dreams

In my role, I’ve encountered numerous clients struggling with these very fears. One client, in particular, had contemplated starting her podcast for a staggering four years. Imagine the stories and impact she could have had during that time if not for the persistent doubts holding her back.

Pushing Through the Fear

Yes, the inevitable “what will people think” fears will arise but consider creating space for a potentially positive experience. The podcasting community is a haven of supportive individuals, fostering collaboration and shared insights.

Dealing with Doubters

It’s crucial to acknowledge the possibility of encountering negative feedback. However, remember that those who are hateful or dismissive were likely never your intended audience. What truly matters is cultivating a dedicated listener base among those who appreciate and resonate with your content.

Embrace the Podcasting Journey

If you’ve been on the fence about starting a podcast, consider this a gentle push to cast aside your fears. Your expertise holds the potential to impact lives, but that can only happen if you grant yourself the opportunity to share it.

How many podcasts have you listened to that have changed the way you think or given you a great idea? I get great ideas all the time from listening to podcasts. I even started this business as a podcast manager from a podcast I listened to! This could be you! It may sound a bit corny, but you could truly be helping to change someone’s life for the better if you just started your podcast!

Expect initial recordings to be imperfect – it’s part of the process. Embrace the learning curve. No one is perfect from the get-go.

Turn Your Podcast Dreams into Reality

Fear should never be the obstacle preventing you from building an audience and sharing valuable information. As a seasoned expert, you possess insights capable of transforming lives. Don’t let fear rob others of the value you can offer.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s transform those podcast aspirations into a reality, one fearless recording at a time.

If you need support with launching your podcast, that’s what I’ve here for! Feel free to book an obligation-free call with me below and we can have a chat about how I can support you.



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