Lens To Mic: Unveiling Lei Lei Clavey’s Podcasting Triumph

From Lens to Mic

Lei Lei is a remarkable figure in the world of photography, known for her exceptional work as a luxury wedding photographer and her dedication to mentoring fellow photographers. Lei Lei’s journey took a significant turn when she decided to venture into podcasting.

The challenge

Before Lei Lei connected with me, she was enthusiastic about starting her podcast but faced overwhelming uncertainty about where to begin.

Lei Lei Clavey

The support provided

I stepped in and handled the technical aspects for Lei Lei, including setting up her hosting platform and editing the initial three episodes and trailer. This allowed Lei Lei to channel her energy into crafting her podcast’s content and message, free from the complexities of production.

I assisted Lei Lei in selecting the music for her podcast and provided a comprehensive podcasting guide. This not only streamlined her process but also equipped Lei Lei with the knowledge and confidence to manage her podcast independently.

Life and Lens with Lei Lei Clavey Podcast Artwork

The impact on Lei Lei’s business

Lei Lei’s podcast has not only successfully launched but has also thrived, becoming an integral part of her brand and marketing strategy. The podcast has expanded her reach and facilitated deeper engagement with her audience. Lei Lei acknowledges that my support played a pivotal role in bringing her podcast to life.

Podcasting triumph

You can listen to Lei Lei’s podcast, “Life & Lens with Lei Lei Clavey” here

If you’ve been planning on launching a podcast but still haven’t got around to it, let’s connect! Give me a call, and together, we’ll explore how we can make your podcasting dreams a reality.

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