The power and pitfalls of podcast guest interviews

The power and pitfalls of podcast guest interviews


Are you considering interviews as the format for your podcast? Before you go all in with interview, let’s explore why they might (or might not) be the best choice for your show’s success.

Pros and cons of podcast interviews

Guest interviews can undoubtedly be appealing. Who wouldn’t be tempted by the opportunity to gain insights from remarkable individuals and share them with the world? However, here’s the crux of the matter: it might not be the ideal path for you.

Firstly, let’s address the skill required for conducting interviews. It’s an art, and not everyone finds their footing right away. Additionally, if your podcast hinges solely on guests, you’re essentially dependent on the availability and calibre of those you manage to secure. Landing top-tier guests? It’s a task in itself!

Skills and preparation

Furthermore, let’s not overlook the considerable effort invested in each interview. From sourcing suitable guests to crafting questions, recording, meticulously editing out the boring parts (guests can often go off track), and then diligently promoting the episode… It’s an endurance test!

Benefits of featuring guests

Nevertheless, guests can bring a multitude of benefits to your podcast. They can impart invaluable knowledge that leaves your audience craving more. Moreover, there’s the invaluable networking opportunity – connecting with individuals you wouldn’t typically engage with? Priceless.

Strategically leveraging social media can also amplify the reach of your guest episodes, helping to grow your audience.

Credibility boost

Oh, and the credibility boost is worth mentioning. Some bigger named guests can add credibility to your show which in turn creates a snowball effect. Once you land a few big name guests it makes it much easier to land other big name guests.

However, here’s the catch: relying exclusively on interviews can be risky. Hastily filling your calendar with guests may result in settling for someone who isn’t a great match for your show. And unfortunately, having an average guest on your show may bring your credibility down.

Find the right balance

So, what’s the verdict? Should you plunge headfirst into guest interviews? Well, that decision rests entirely with you. But I would consider doing a mix of both interview and solo episodes.



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