4 Strategies to Monetize Your Podcast

4 strategies to monetize your podcast

4 Strategies to Monetise your Podcast

There are many reasons why people start a podcast. And one of those reasons is usually to monetize.

This article lists three strategies to monetize your podcast.

Build a Membership

There are sites such as Patreon, where you can invite your audience to become members, and they get access to additional items. For example, you may give four episodes a month for free, and then your Patron gets a bonus 5th episode with their membership.

Alternatively, you could use Supercast to stream your podcast. This is a paid-for podcast platform.

Traditional Adverts

You could partner with a brand, that pays you to put their adverts in your show.

Affiliate Links

Audible is a great affiliate for podcasters. Once you’ve signed up as an Amazon Audible Affiliate, you pick the links of the audiobooks that you want to promote. If someone clicks on that link from the webpage linked to your Amazon account and they purchase the audio subscription, you will earn commission.

An issue with affiliate links is that if you use too many, you may come across too salesy. This in turn may put your audience off and loose trust in you. So, choose your affiliates wisely.

Digital products

If you’re a coach or you sell digital products online, you can easily promote your product/service on your podcast. You can talk about your offers in your podcasts and put links in your show notes to them. It’s a fantastic marketing tool!

Final thoughts

Podcasts are a great way to monetize. If you’re planning on monetizing your podcast it’s best to do it sooner rather than later. This way your audience is used to hearing you promote and it won’t come across as a shock when you do. Also, why waste the opportunity, get monetizing as soon as possible!