10 Reasons Why Podcasters Love Podcast Managers

10 reasons why Podcasters love Podcast Managers

10 Reasons why Podcasters Love Podcast Managers

There are many Podcasters that can do everything on their own, but there are some that love having Podcast Managers.

In this article I’ll list 10 reasons why Podcasters love Podcast Managers.

1. They make you sound good

When you record a podcast episode, there will no doubt be lots of filler words.  People use lots of different filler words like “urm” and “right”.

Also, there’s those false starts, where you start to say something, then change direction, or repeat the same sentence. A Podcast Manager can edit all this out for you and make you sound seamless!

2. They take the time-consuming tasks off your plate

A Podcast Manager doesn’t just edit your show, they can create show notes, create social media promotions, marketing and guest management. Leaving you time to do the other work in your business.

3. They make it easy and make it happen

Podcast Managers make it easy for you to have a podcast. All you have to do is hit record and they take care of the rest. The only other things you might want to do is promote it and get excited about it.

4. They come up with new ideas

Podcast Managers generally work on shows that they are interested in and are your ideal listener. The Podcast Manager will therefore be able to come up with new and different ways to promote your show, ideas that you may not have thought about, bringing so much value to the team.

5. They’re your podcasting expert on the team

When updates happen on your hosting platform, your Podcast Manager will be there to say, “I’ve got this” or “I’ll look into it”. They may even know about the changes in advance and advise you on what’s going to happen.

This gives you less to worry about as they have everything under control. Glitches happen and your Podcast Manager will be there to look into them, so you don’t have to.

6. They keep you in your lane

As a host, you want to stay in your creative lane and just focus on recording great episodes. When you’re bogged down with updates, promoting the show, dealing with adverts and all the other management that goes with running a podcast, it doesn’t allow you to concentrate on being the best host to the show that you can be.

Having a Podcast Manager allows you to stay in your lane and in your zone of genius, and they take care of the rest.

7. They let you scale your business

Having a podcast allows you to get in front of new people and increase your visibility. A Podcast Manager can find guests for you to bring onto your show and find shows for you to be a guest on.

They can also help you with monetizing your show, finding advertisers and supporting you with organising a paid community like Patreon.

8. They keep your podcast fresh and fun

A Podcast Manager will notice things like your 100th episode, your 1 year anniversary or when you hit 10,000 downloads. They’ll remind you and come up with ideas to promote this on your podcast and other marketing channels like social media. This keeps it fun for you.

9. They connect you with others

Podcast Managers generally have multiple clients working in the similar field. They might suggest that you go on their other client’s show and vice versa, helping you connect with others. These collaborations can be so helpful to your business.

10. They help to build your connection to the community

A Podcast Manager can help you connect through Facebook, Instagram and even a paid Patreon account. Having this community allows you to connect with your listeners directly so that you can make an impact on them.

Final thoughts

A Podcast Manager can help you scale your business, your impact, your visibility and your finances through supporting you in various ways.