Essential Elements for your Website’s Podcast Page

Essential Elements for your Website’s Podcast Page


Having a dedicated podcast page on your website is a must, and I’m here to show you why and how to make it as beneficial as it can be.

  1. Traffic! If your website is the heart of your online presence, your podcast is the soul. Merge the two, and you’ve got a dynamic duo that attracts more eyes and ears. Your website becomes a gateway to your podcast, and who doesn’t want more listeners?
  2. Your best free content lives here: Your podcast is a treasure trove of valuable content. By placing it on your website, you’re ensuring that this goldmine is easily accessible and can be discovered by anyone surfing the internet.
  3. SEO magic: Leverage the power of Google searches by aligning your content with what people are actively looking for.
  4. Own your content, always: When you have your podcast on your website, you retain control. Even if you decide to switch podcast hosts, your content stays put.

You should have a main podcast page. Then from this page you have links to information relating to each, individual episode.

What to include in the main podcast landing page

  1. Introduce yourself and your podcast: Kick things off with a warm welcome. Who are you? What’s your podcast about? Make it easy for your visitors to connect with you. You could just copy and paste your podcast show description.
  2. Use an eye-catching image: It could be your podcast cover or something in sync with your brand. Visuals matter: they create continuity and help with brand recognition.
  3. Latest episode: Embed your most recent episode directly on the page. Make it easy for your audience to hit play without leaving your site.
  4. About the host section: Don’t be a mystery. Introduce yourself, your expertise, and why listeners should trust you. A photo of you adds a personal touch, and people love putting faces to the voices they listen to.
  5. Top episodes section: Highlight your top episodes to bring them back into the spotlight. Keep things fresh by rotating them every couple of months. It’s a great way to drive traffic to older episodes.
  6. Guest submission section: Let potential guests submit themselves for consideration. Who knows, your next episode might feature someone who found you through your website.

What to include in the individual episode pages

  1. Player and short description: Make sure there’s a player for the episode and a concise description.
  2. Transcripts for SEO boost: If you have transcripts, use them! They’re not just for the non-listeners; they’re SEO gold. Condense them into collapsible boxes to keep things neat.
  3. SEO strategy: Think keywords. Use tools like Uber Suggest to uncover keywords relevant to your content. Infuse them in your titles, descriptions, and even your URL. SEO isn’t just for blogs; it’s your podcast’s best friend.

Your website is the stage, and your podcast is the star. Combine them, and you’ve got a show-stopping performance that not only draws in more listeners but also provides a home for your content to thrive.



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