Innovative Approaches to Episode Creation

Innovative Approaches to Episode Creation


Are you struggling to keep on top of recording your podcast episodes?

Juggling life’s demands while trying to keep your podcast game strong can be a real challenge.

I’ve got a couple of ideas to help you save time without sacrificing quality.

Live streams

Ever thought of turning your Instagram lives, masterclasses or training videos into podcast episodes? It’s a two-birds-with-one-stone situation! Repurpose your valuable content into podcast gold!

Questions from your audience

Do you get recurring questions from your audience? Turn these questions into podcast episodes.

Gather 2-3 questions around a similar subject, hit record, and let your expertise shine as you provide valuable answers.

Get your audience involved

You could even ask the listener who has the question to record themselves asking their question. Mix their audio clip into the podcast episode and answer their question. This might encourage your listeners to submit more questions as they’ll want a spot on your show!

Give it a go!

By implementing these strategies, not only will you save time, but you’ll also create engaging content that keeps your listeners coming back for more. And who knows, before you know it, your audience will be shouting to be part of the action, submitting their questions left, right, and centre.

Go ahead, give these tips a whirl, and let’s take your podcasting game to the next level!

Need some help

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This tailored session is crafted to provide you with actionable advice, creative ideas, and steps to propel your podcast concept to new heights, fast!

During this session, you can:

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