Launching Your Podcast? Let’s Make Some Noise!

Launching Your Podcast? Let's Make Some Noise!


Are you gearing up to launch your own podcast?

That’s fantastic news! But before you hit that big red button, let’s talk about how to make a splash with your podcast launch.

Plot and plan

Rewind the clock at least 28 days. This is when you want to start plotting and planning your big debut.

Drop hints and teasers

Start dropping hints about your upcoming podcast on social media and in your newsletters. Tease your followers with hints about what’s to come. And why not throw the ball in their court? Ask them what they want to hear on your show. Make them feel like they’re part of the podcasting journey right from the get-go.

Show them some behind-the-scenes footage of you recording your podcast.

Whip up a few different versions of your podcast artwork and put them in your Instagram stories. Create a poll and ask your followers to pick their favourite.

The power of trailers

Now, let’s talk trailers. Think of it like the movie previews before the main event. Drop that trailer at least a week before your official launch date. Get people hyped up, get them talking.

Reviews and recommendations

Encourage them to leave reviews after they’ve had a listen to your trailer. Ask them to say in the reviews what topics they’d like covered in the podcast, then you’re getting two-for-one, a review and content ideas!

Spread the word

Ask your audience if they know someone who’d make a great guest on your show. Spread the word, cast the net wide.

If you’re kicking off with an interview episode, make sure to ask your guest to shout about it from the rooftops when it goes live. Send them a snazzy graphic, let them know when their episode is hitting the airwaves so that they can post it in their socials.

You’ve got this!

So, there you have it! A little sneak peek into how to drum up some buzz for your podcast launch. Remember, it’s all about getting people excited, involved, and itching to hit that “follow” or “subscribe” button. You’ve got this!

Need support?

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