Use your podcast to bring in new leads

Use your podcast to bring in new leads

Use your podcast to bring in new leads

Once your podcast’s up and running and you have that “know, like and trust” you need to make sure your listeners know what services you offer. This podcast is part of your business plan after all!

Drop in every now and then what your business does and how you support people. But don’t be too salesy, just say things here and there that come naturally into the topic your episode is about

Drop in what you do when interviewing guests

When interviewing guests, make sure you still talk and don’t leave it totally to your guest. Continue that bond with your listener. Don’t be rude and cut your guest off, I definitely don’t suggest that. But make it a two-way conversation.

Again, drop in, where you can, what your business does and how you help people. But do it organically, where it fits into the conversation.

Client interviews

Don’t sound like you’re selling but tell people how you’ve helped clients. If you’re a coach, you could do a live coaching call as a podcast episode. Or, if you’re not comfortable with that, interview a client, so that your listeners know how you support your clients.

This is another way your listeners will know what your services are and get to know you. If they like what they hear, they’ll want to have that relationship with you too. If you found this information useful, follow me on Instagram, where I have give you lots of tips.