Double Your Reach: Selecting Strategic Categories for Your Podcast

Selecting your podcast categories

What will your podcast be listed under?

When you set up your hosting platform for your podcast, you’ll be asked to choose at least two categories (depending on your hosting platform). These are the categories that your podcast will be listed under in platforms such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Examples are Business, Health, Spirituality etc.

Category 1

The most relevant category for your podcast should be listed in category 1. You’ll be given a list of options to choose from. I recommend that you choose a category that includes a subcategory. For example, your podcast might be about educating entrepreneurs to start a business in the mental health industry.

By choosing a category that has a subcategory, you stand a chance of being in 2 categories.

So, instead of using “Business” as Category 1, maybe use “Business > Entrepreneurship” that way you’re going to be listed in 2 categories, rather than one.

Category 2

Again, when you choose your second category, choose a category that has a subcategory. So, in this example, instead of selecting just “Health & Fitness” you will be better off using “Health & Fitness > Mental Health.”

Category 3

Instead of choosing “Education”, maybe choose “Education > How To.”

Apple lets you to list your podcast under 3 categories. But if you choose 3 categories that have subheadings, you’re potentially listed in 6 categories. Just make sure your Category 1 selection is most relevant.

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