Why you should launch your podcast with a trailer

Why you should launch your podcast with a trailer

Why you should launch your podcast with a trailer

When starting a new podcast I always recommend that you launch with a trailer before your episodes.

When you launch a podcast, it needs to be submitted to all the major podcast directories, Spotify, Google, Apple etc. Some of these directories can take 7 days to approve your podcast.

By uploading your trailer before your episodes, you’re giving yourself time to make sure everything’s set up correctly BEFORE the official launch of your episodes. You don’t want to launch with an episode, and then find out there’s a problem.

Why you need a podcast trailer

If you start your podcast and don’t tell your listeners what they can expect from your podcast, why should they listen??

In your trailer episode, you can introduce yourself, what you do, and who your podcast is for.

Think of your trailer like a movie trailer. When you watch a movie trailer, you know if you want to watch the movie.? The same is for your podcast.

How to create a podcast trailer

Your podcast trailer should be a brief description on what your listeners should expect from your show. I recommend that it be no longer than 2 minutes. It should include:

  • A welcome to your listeners
  • The name of your show
  • An introduction to yourself
  • An explanation of what they can expect from your show
  • What the format of your show is, solo, interviews?
  • The music that you will use in your podcast
  • Call to action. Always end with a call to action. This is usually “follow or subscribe”

Work with me

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