3 Tips for a Successful Podcast Launch

3 tips to a successful podcast launch

3 Tips for a Successful Podcast Launch

If you’re thinking about launching a podcast, there’s lots of things you need to think about; equipment editing, content.

But there are some things you may not have thought about.

In this article I highlight 3 tips for a successful podcast:

1. Time

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time. Once you’ve published your new podcast on Apple, it can take up to 5 working days for it to go live on Apple. So, ensure you publish it 5 working days before your launch due date, so that there’s no delay.

2. Get your audience involved

A great way to get your audience involved in your podcast is to show them different versions of your cover art and ask them which they like best. This will make them feel like part of the launch and get them excited.

3. Launch your podcast with 3 episodes

Launching with 3 episodes shows a range of your content. These episodes can range in topics and style. If you’re planning on doing interviews regularly, make one of these episodes an interview. This will give your listeners a better sense on what your podcast is about.

Final thoughts

None of the above tips are essential to your podcast launch, but they will help you with promoting it to your audience and make sure it goes live in time.